The hard landscaping of a project is often the mostly costly part of the process of creating a new garden. My design will consider the materials you wish to use within your budget. I can help you find the best products and materials, at a fair cost, through my network of trade contacts and specialist artisans, giving you a high standard of finish in a way that ensures you are in control of your budget.

You may wish to build your garden yourself or find a landscaper from another source, and for this I can give you more detailed drawings (including setting out drawings) to help with the construction. I am happy to work with teams of all sizes.

Some clients prefer to pay for site visits which helps ensure that the garden is built faithfully to the design. This way, any questions or alterations that arise during the course of the build can be managed without compromising the integrity of the plan. These visits offer you peace of mind and ensure you are in control of the entire construction process.