Wildlife Paradise

The keen gardeners of this garden in Devon wanted to add a wildlife pond as a focal point. They wanted to keep the rest of the garden as it is although they are losing the view at the back of the garden as it is under development.

They also wanted to create their own view and add in planting to stand up to the strong winds.

The new pond maintains an element of formality but provides water and shelter for birds, frogs, hedgehogs and a host of insects. It is also beautiful to look at and the garden now has two additional sitting areas. The silver weeping pear will, in time, provide shade for the pond.

Landscaping was minimal so as not to disrupt the rest of the garden and local materials were used as much as possible. The client also added a safety grid over the deep section of the pond and that has worked really well, being only visible when up close. This means the pond allows wildlife to travel in and out but is also safe for children when having a look to see what they can spot!

Landscaping: Greenworks Conservation

Planting: Katherine Edmonds Garden Design

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