At Katherine Edmonds Garden Design I am committed to the protection and enhancement of the natural environment and the flora and fauna within it.

I believe that gardens should be designed to be as sustainable as possible, ensuring that they work with the surrounding environment rather than imposing themselves on it.

Where possible I like to reuse materials that are already on-site; those that aren't will be recycled. Local materials and products are favoured over others.

The design should ensure the garden's maintenance and use has a low environmental impact.

Products used in a garden should come from ethically sound companies and sustainable sources. I encourage proper maintenance of these products to ensure they have a long life.

Wildlife is an essential part of any successful garden and the design should account for this ensuring that the right plants are used for the location. Even the most heavily landscaped project should make way for beneficial insects and animals with flowering plants and habitats in which they can hide.

I hope you share my love of the environment and want to do all you can to have a garden that works with nature. If you're thinking 'now's the time to make it happen', please do get in touch.

Pictures taken by Theo Webb

toad-copyright-theo-webb hazelleaves-copyright-theo-webb bluebutterfly-copyright-theo-webb